Sarah & Bristol Palin Discuss Sex, Pregnancy & Abstinence Education


While Bristol and Sarah Palin were giving a joint interview to Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren that was interesting for its honesty, Japan’s Finance Minister gave a blotto public address that got him booted.

Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin gave interviews to Fox’s Greta Von Susteren in which Bristol not only said abstinence is good but unrealistic and that women should wait until their late twenties to give birth but Sarah said something that I actually agreed with:

“Get beyond the ideal of abstinence,” the 44 year old, new grandmother said. “Hey, life happens.”

And I don’t even think she meant it like “conceiving a baby” but as in “people are still having sex.”

Hey, it’s a start!

Anyway, Sarah is having budget problems in Alaska because of falling oil prices, so she’s facing an unhappy economic downturn just like Japan, but at least she isn’t giving drunken press conferences about it, like Japan’s now-former Finance Minister did. Hillary Clinton is still putting Ms. Palin to shame though, meeting with Japanese families whose loved ones were abducted by North Korea and warning the countryabout launching yet another missile because, apparently, the North Koreans saw Team America: World Police and thought it a good model of behavior.

In other news, Hillary’s Senatorial replacement, Kirsten Gillibrand, was keeping rifles under her bed for “protection” in upstate New York, but she’s moved them following an uproar. (She’s got young kids.) The guy who appointed her, Governor David Paterson, is now polling in the gutter, trailing New York Attorney General Andrew “Shucking And Jiving Is Not A Racist Term” Cuomo in a potential 2010 primary match up by 50 percent. Great.

In international news, Barack Obama isn’t set to make any decisions about sending more troops to Afghanistan right away but, before he does, he may let cameras back into Dover Air Force Base to capture the coffin ceremonies that the first and then second President Bush banned so as not to have another Vietnam. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is totally about to be indicted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague for war crimes which is opposed by everyone in the world including most Arab countries, Islamic countries, African countries, developing countries and China. Hey, did you know they have oil there?

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