Sarah Jessica Parker Accused of Borrowing Jewels Then Just Keeping Them 

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Sarah Jessica Parker, a rich and famous person who inevitably gets to borrow fabulous stuff all the time for, like, walking along extra plush carpets, has been accused of keeping jewels that don’t belong to her. Remember that one Sex and the City episode where Carrie gets free Dolce and Gabbana nude sparkly underwear for stomping the runway in them? That’s TV.

Page Six reports that Kat Florence Designs has accused Parker in court documents seen by the Post on Wednesday of borrowing about $70,000 worth of jewelry, which she never returned.

The pieces were allegedly lent out in 2016 for a photo shoot, and Parker liked them so much she asked if she could “personally borrow several pieces fo the jewelry to wear for a few months and the return all the pieces.” After agreeing to a two-month lending period, the company says they never saw their precious accessories again.

SJP’s attorney has denied the allegation, calling the star, “as honest and trustworthy a person as anyone I have ever met.” Her attorney added that SJP “has been asking ever since Kat Florence wrongfully stopped paying her to have the pieces returned, but Kat Florence didn’t seem terribly interested in getting them back.”

Kat Florence Design is demanding $150,000 in restitution.

How about an autograph instead?

[Page Six]

Cynthia needs a big, karmic celebrity endorsement to balance this out and so that she can win please (Cardi?).

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