Sasha Obama Causes Nationwide Unicorn Sweater Shortage


On Sunday, Sasha Obama wore a sweater with a unicorn on it to a basketball game. By Thursday, unicorn sweaters had gone extinct. (Is “extinct” the word for a sweater selling out? Maybe it should be.)

According to the Huffington Post, as soon as Sasha took her courtside seat at the Maryland Terps women’s basketball game on Sunday, Twitter lit up with adoration of the younger Obama daughter’s chosen top. Where did she get it? WHERE CAN I GET ONE? Are those Obama girls the best or what?

By the next day, sleuths had determined that the sweater was from Asos and was reduced in price from upwards of $60 to under $20. Unfortunately, by then, the item was OUT OF STOCK.

It gets worse: not only is the sweater not currently available for purchase, according to the company’s Twitter account, it might not ever be available for purchase again. But don’t cry, aspiring Sashalikes; luckily, sweaters with animals knit onto them are sort of trendy right now.

You can get this one, from Urban Outfitters. If you feel like $plurging, there’s this, by WildFox.

Or you can wait, fingers ready, until the next time one of the Presidents daughters makes a stylish appearance in public and try to snatch up whatever they’re wearing from whoever is selling it before everyone else catches on.


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