Saturday Night Social: August Is the Cruelest Month


It’s the dead of August, the slowest week of the slowest month of the annual news cycle, and it’s time to serve you a light blog snack to close out the day. What’s cooking, internet?

Uhhh this is surely interesting: an authentic photo of Tom Cruise on the world’s tallest building, from seven years ago. Donald Trump said some things, but do we really need to know them since tomorrow he’ll say something worse, every day, forever, until he draws his last breath? Let’s check out the news…let’s not. Sponcon, sponcon, sponcon…global warming is killing earth….KYLIE’S BIRTHDAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! Here is every single angle of her face (spoiler: there is only one). What’s Tiffany Haddish up to?? Being her lovable self. There’s always animal news, but between these therapy donkeys and an orangutan chewing cardboard, I am at an impasse.

So here’s a nice portrait of Dolly Parton’s sister Stella, one of twelve Parton siblings, who is about to put out her 40th album (and is here to promote a cooking show, but whatever) via the Daily Mail. We get more of the down-home Parton origin story: growing up with no indoor plumbing or electricity, moving away at age ten to live with an aunt and start her career in TV and radio and living the “high life” with a telephone. But even as a Dolly Parton superfan, here is a question I would never have thought to ask: Stella, was your career overshadowed by your sister’s boobs?

Can it also be true that more than one person has asked Stella whether she would entertain the idea of a breast enlargement, presumably to emulate her well-stacked sister? ‘Yes, two agents and one manager all made that suggestion.’ All these years later, her anger is still palpable. ‘I’m a mother and I saw my breasts as something to nourish a child, not sex objects.’ She sighs. ‘But that’s what happens if you’re the kid sister of an icon.’


I’ll leave you with a portal into her YouTube:

Happy Saturday!

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