Saturday Night Social: Cinderblock Will Not Be Hurried

Saturday Night Social: Cinderblock Will Not Be Hurried
Screenshot: (YouTube Cinder Gets Fit)

I once read an article in a women’s magazine in which the author lamented that most of us have two speeds: completely sedentary or racing in place on gym equipment, running from a sense of guilt over having sat for so long. I don’t really remember what the ultimate point of the article was, but my takeaway was this: running sucks and meandering is great.

And if you don’t believe me, perhaps you’ll trust Cinderblock, the delightfully rotund shelter cat who has become an internet sensation for exercising at her own pace while loudly protesting the condescending motivational bloviations of her trainer.

“You can do it,” her fitness instructor yells off-camera in one video.

“Correction: I am doing it,” Cinderblock meows back. Cinderblock is me, and I am her. Walk slowly and complain loudly, my friend. You do the most by doing the least.

How was your week? Did you meet challenges at your own pace without regard to unnecessary fiats around how quickly you should be moving?

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