Saturday Night Social: Is Your Baby a Swordstress Avenger or an Empress of Flames? 


BBC reports that the UK, henceforth known as the United Kingdom of Warrior Goddesses, continues to name her babies after Game of Thrones characters in record numbers: in 2017, precisely 343 babies were named Arya, and 76 were named Khaleesi. Which means that the only possible way to determine your precious newborn’s destiny is to present them with a knife and an open flame and let him or her choose! (I’m obviously kidding, do not do this.) (But I feel like I actually need to add that disclaimer.)

But how can we really know whom to align our babies with before the series finale? HBO is a cruel and unpredictable mistress.

The BBC also reports an uptick in Leia’s (149) following Carrie Fisher’s death. Leia is eternal.

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