Saturday Night Social: What Conditioner Does Daniel the Dog Use?

Saturday Night Social: What Conditioner Does Daniel the Dog Use?

All anyone has been able to talk about this week is Siba, the standard poodle who took home Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Siba is beautiful and a very good girl as all girl-dogs are; I take nothing from her. But when I think of all the other good dogs who lost to Siba’s champion-level prance and expertly coiffed mane, there is one who stands out the most: Daniel the Golden Retriever, who won first place in the Sporting Group.

Goldens get a really bad rep in the posh dog community because they’re so hyper and are essentially the basic bitch of dog breeds. But Daniel just has that spark to him, you know? And his coat is so beautiful, so shiny, such movement. It drapes over his perfect dog body like it was put into position by the gods. I weep that my own hair cannot hold shine or a wave as well as Daniel. While I’m sure Daniel is so humble that he’d say it was an honor just to be nominated, I really wanted this win for him and for all of the hyper Golden Retrievers out there looking for a role model. Maybe next year. Until then I’m waiting for Pantene to come out with a new ad campaign using only images of Daniel running in slow motion.

Are there any other Daniel stans out there?

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