Saturday Night Social: What Does This Mean

Saturday Night Social: What Does This Mean

Have you listened to Lady Gaga’s new album, Chromatica? I have, and in my professional opinion as a critic (I reviewed Tara Reid’s Sharknado tie-in fragrance for this site a couple years ago), it is quite simply great. Four stars! That’s out of four, you see.

But while the album certainly answers the question of whether Chromatica is good (yes), the Spotify liner notes for one of the songs off that album have heaped questions upon questions upon me with no hope of clarity in sight!

As spotted by the brilliant artist Lenny Schnier in her Instagram stories, Spotify let the singer include some notes on all of her Chromatica tracks. In the notes for “Free Woman,” Gaga gives a little more context to the song, and that’s where I get confused.

“As someone who generally prefers things to be genderless, I ponder often why I chose to declare my womanhood in this song,” she writes. “I’ve realized that question is futile. Woman could be synonymous with any creative force. I’m proud of my womb, proud of yours, and proud of those who were born without wombs and have phantom ones. Every gender has a spirit womb.”

Does anyone know what this means? I know this is, like, the lowest of low priorities right now, but her words have haunted me ever since I saw screenshots of them on Schnier’s Instagram Story. My gut says Gaga’s trying to be all pro-uterus cis lady feminism while also being trans-inclusive, but my phantom womb just says, “You’re mad! I am your daughter!” Please help!!

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