Schwarzenegger's Alleged Former Mistress: There Were "So Many" Other Women


For Arnold Schwarzenegger — actor, Terminator and former governor — his marriage may be ending, but the buzz about his personal life has only just begun. One woman who claims to have had an affair with Schwarzenegger while he was married insists she was one of many ladies with whom he was having sex.

Gigi Goyette says she met Schwarzenegger in 1975, when she was a 16-year-old child actress on Little House On The Prairie. Yes. You read that properly. Schwarzenegger was about 28 at the time. Goyette and Schwarzenegger had sex that year, but she didn’t see him again until 1989, and then they started an affair. At that point, Schwarzenegger had been married for three years.

According to a report:

In 2005, The Los Angeles Times reported that two days after Schwarzenegger announced his campaign for governor in August 2003, American Media had paid Gigi $20,000 to keep silent about her relationship with him.

But Gigi Goyette is no longer keeping quiet. While her affair with Schwarzenegger only lasted a few years, she says: “There were so many other women. About 13 have come out of the woodwork.” Goyette denies she had anything to do with Arnold and Maria’s breakup, and utters this gem about Arnold’s wife:

“Maria Shriver is a Kennedy so I think that, like a good Kennedy, she decided to ignore what was happening.”

Of course, Hollywood doesn’t care if you’re a moral miscreant. So Schwarzenegger recently signed deals for three movies, one of which will be yet another Terminator project — a future global blockbuster, most likely. And since he’ll be single, he won’t have to keep his alleged love of groping on the hush-hush.

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