Scientists Discover Some Men Do Find Non-Skinny Women Attractive

The age-old question of whether a woman can fail to live up to societal standards of acceptable beauty and still be found desirable has been answered by scientists, and will be sensitively explored by Fox.

A new study in The Journal of Sex Research shows that men who self-identify as “fat admirers” not only find overweight women exceedingly attractive, they have an more robust appreciation of feminine beauty than men who don’t identify that way. The former men (dubbed FAs) and latter were both shown 10 pictures of women of various body types and asked to pick the woman they found most attractive and to identify the heaviest and thinnest women they found attractive.

The FAs were most attracted to the photo of a woman with a body mass index of 29.24….Furthermore, the study found that FAs considered a wider range of figures to be appealing, including those of two emaciated women (with BMIs lower than 15).

Scientists involved in the study speculated that it was because once those men has rejected “sociocultural norms of attractiveness” by self-identifying and being involved as FAs, they were more readily accepting of a wider range of female beauty.

The control group, meanwhile, supported those conventional ideals, finding the figure with a BMI of 18.45 – which, technically, qualifies as underweight – the most attractive. They also rated the overweight and obese images more negatively overall than the FAs did.

In other words, the other dudes still thought even normal-sized, healthy women were less attractive than underweight women.

To capitalize on this trend, Fox is preparing to launch a new reality series called “More to Love.”

[It is] a new reality dating series produced by The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss that will star a plus-size bachelor as he attempts to woo several plus-size bachelorettes

Because, really, what “normal” size guy would ever fall in love with a “plus-size” girl, amirite? And, even if he did, who would want to watch it?

Some Men Prefer Fat Women [Live Science]
Fox To Debut New ‘More to Love’ Plus-Size Reality Dating Show On July 28 [Reality TV World]

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