Scott Disick Had a Classic Blow-Up Fight with Kendall Jenner, Finally!

Jenner didn't invite Disick to her birthday party so as not to make Kourtney Kardashian "uncomfortable," and shit hit the fan.

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Scott Disick Had a Classic Blow-Up Fight with Kendall Jenner, Finally!
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For those of you who haven’t watched the latest episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” beware of spoilers.

On Thursday’s episode, tensions between Scott Disick and the rest of the family came to a head, as both Kris and Kendall Jenner had to explain that he hadn’t been invited to multiple intimate events for the newly engaged Kourtney Kardashian’s sake. While Disick and Kardashian are no longer close, they still work together to co-parent sons Mason, 12, Reign, 7, and daughter Penelope, 9.

Since Kardashian’s engagement to drummer and king of the “bad boi bf/basic girl gf” revival Travis Barker in October, Disick has become the center of Kravis fandom—in equal parts mockery and pity party. But Disick has been relatively mild-mannered since Barker popped the question with a fat rock in tow. During the episode, Kourtney even told her mom that Scott texted her after the proposal, saying, “This is not the easiest for me, and at the end of the day, I want you to be happy, and congrats on the engagement.” Mild-mannered…until now!!!!

Disick has been close to the family for decades, with Kris Jenner noting in a confessional that he was there on the very first day of taping for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” back in 2007. While Disick’s relationship has blossomed (perhaps uncomfortably so??) with Khloe, he appears to be growing more and more sensitive to the fact that, well, he’s just not going to get the invite any longer. Honestly, I would cry too if I no longer had access to the KarJenner riches.

That’s how, one day at Kris Jenner’s house, Kendall and Disick wound up in a screaming match, giving us a hint of ye old explosive Scott (which I am ashamed to say I miss desperately). Disick lamented that he no longer felt a part of the family since the engagement, but Kris wasn’t having it. “Sometimes Scott can play a bit of a victim, and I feel like that’s what’s happening here right now. I just want everybody to be happy, but don’t put me in the middle,” Kris added in a confessional.

Disick then interrogated Kendall about why she didn’t invite him to her birthday bash, to which she responded, “I didn’t really invite anyone to my birthday. It was empty.” (It was not; it was at a club). Commence the soap opera.

But Disick wasn’t buying that load of bullshit, now was he? “Everybody came,” he retorted. When Kendall realized he was talking about her intimate birthday dinner she clarified that “Literally, only Kourtney and Travis came”—even though, **literally**, it was Kris, Kourtney, Travis, and some friends—and then added, “That wasn’t a party.” But that wasn’t a good enough answer for Disick! “Never in a million years would Kendall not invite me to a birthday dinner.”

Kendall explained that she didn’t want to make Kourtney “uncomfortable,” but ultimately apologized: “I’m so sorry that that makes you sad and I’m not ever trying to leave you out.”

Then, in classic rage Scott behavior, he interrupted Kendall, saying, “I don’t know what you’re getting mad about,” to which a heated Kendall answered, “You’re mad. And I’m saying sorry.”

“This is so fucking ridiculous,” Kendall shouted. “You won’t let me speak, Scott.”

And then…she stormed out. DRAMA! Here’s hoping that in next week’s episode Scott gets a hug, a few extra therapy sessions, and a middle-aged girlfriend he can’t manipulate.

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