Sean Hannity Still Wants to Find Your Future Conservative Husband


Sean Hannity, veteran Fox News host and apparent romantic, is not giving up on his dream of being the king of the conservative dating scene.

In a recent interview with the International Business Times, Hannity spoke about his now defunct dating website called Hannidate.

“Many people got married,” he told the Times. “I don’t know the whole number, but a lot. It went for awhile, but I had to stop it because it became a legal issue… This person marries this person, now the lawyers are worried about what happens if that marriage doesn’t work out. ‘They met on your website, so you’re responsible.’ And I’m like, this is ridiculous. It bothered me.”

That does seem ridiculous. But Hannity is not discouraged, and noted that he would consider starting the company anew in the era of Tinder.

The Times reports:

Hannity confided that sometimes, when he’s traveling the country or bored during book signings, he will put “cute couples” on the spot and pressure the man into proposing to his girlfriend. He said Ted Cruz once watched him do it. “I’m like, ‘how long you been dating?’ … ‘Okay, why haven’t you asked her?’ And I put him under the gun. Then I say, ‘why don’t you do it now?”
Hannity began to gesture to an imaginary crowd. “Don’t you think he should do it now?’ And the crowd gets into it,” he said breathlessly. “I have a success rate of about 90 percent.”
How does he know that they’ve gone on and gotten married? He paused. “I don’t, but it doesn’t matter.”

Wow, if encountering Hannity on the road is all it takes to get a ring on this finger, then change my voter registration; I’m going red!

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