Selena Gomez Subtweets Justin Bieber With a Dramatic Romcom Video


After several days of subtitled Instagram teasers, Selena Gomez has released her new video for “Back To You,” which asks the all-important question, “What if an Italian romance, but rainbow colors???”

Early speculation around the video suggested that Gomez’s blonde costar was meant to be a stand-in for her ex-beau Justin Bieber, and although the actor is more of a Chord Overstreet type, it’s not a stretch to say the video plot is Bieber-inspired. Gomez and her paramour first lock eyes at a party set to classical music and faint record-player crackle. Communicating via subtitles, the two make a plan to steal a getaway car, which turns out badly for the car and kind of meh for Gomez and fake Bieber, who simply walk out of going to jail. True to life for Bieber! The video ends on the rather morbid note: Selena going “back to” the very same party scene at the beginning, because what is modern romance if not dating the same shitty men over and over?

Along the way, there’s vintage photography, lush meadows, breaking the fourth wall, and silent film emoting. Not wanting to be outdone by another music video that used neon-drenched mood lighting (or all the videos that use neon-drenched mood lighting), Gomez uses enough rainbow colors in “Back To You” to paint a thousand Pride flags. Watch the La Dolce Vita-meets-Trolls video below.

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