Selfie Loathing: Universal Pictures Can't Spell Amanda Seyfried's Name


Welcome back to Selfie Loathing, in which you discover what celebrities have been up to on Instagram this week. Enjoy.

A Prince (Ahmir means Prince) & A Princess. #TomFord#Eyes#MyMyMya#FallonTonight

I met #JesseWare. beautiful, bubbly, warm #lark.@CalvinKlein #womeninfilm #CannesFilmFestival

With my girl @bellathorne at the @blended press junket !! #girlshavingfun#blended#loveher

Getting ready for the press tour for @blended! Wearing @flowerbeauty rosey garden lipstick to give me a jump start ! #roseylipsrule

Usually we’re have to yell at each other. But right now. We’re loungin @shaym

repost from the #artRave at MSG last night

Oh New York City… You got my number in the worst way.

I loved the @BelleMovie so much I invited cast to lunch at my house. GuGu Mbatha-Raw is a rising star! Watch tonite on @ET

Happiness is @markruffalo #doppleboody

Go Renner!

@ritaora @caradelevingne #youCANsitwithus

I love @skyferreria

@waynecoyne5 #freakz#dirtyhippie


Cradle 2 Grave #MashaGordon#lifers#CandidlyNicole

Asia sleeps with her mommy after MSG

Kicking it with @cairothekat #cairothekat


YASSS bitch yasssssssss!!!!!!!!!

Funniest sandwich I can imagine #TBSUpfronts


All about that thug life’!! You heard it ………… Love is Pain and Pain is Art. #iconic

gooping Hong Kong…our updated list, today on @goop #goopgo

Rock a Roxane Gay button to let the world know it’s complicated

Rain Rain Go Away

Meet my new bunny @cecildelevingne

My granny (Gaga) with @cecildelevingne @poppydelevingne @alexanderjaffe

Reunited and it feels so good —

#sleepyhollow powder room selfie. Lowbrow fun!

Moment that made my life lol @cher took her first selfie with me for @todayshow

my sous! lamb, garlic potatoes and cranberry balsamic brussels sprouts. And pie in 3 days if it’s like my cake.

Marzipan Baseball

Good mornin y’all

Central Park bike round 2 @emilybett

Join the winner circle Melissa,50,Jude law #smsaudio#animalambition

When you come from wealth people are always gonna try to diminish your accomplishments by saying that everything was handed to you. Bitch if everything was handed to me then how come I’m out here grinding, working 9 hours a day 5 days a week so I can support myself and pay my own bills until everything else starts paying off? You haters think I roll around in a Panamera that was given to me by my pops… But that car ain’t even mine, it belongs to my boss. So while you’re on your couch hating on another man’s pics, I’m out here WORKING so one day soon I WILL be riding clean in a whip like this. Fuck all y’all… We kings. Getcha weight up, notcha hate up… Fuckas #BlessUp

Found this pic of me sunbathing, age 16. I still love the beach, but these days I prefer to enjoy it with sun protection or by moon-bathing in a black swimsuit paired with diamonds.

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