Sex Doll Commits Suicide in the Most Fucked Up Dating Site Ad Ever


So you’re single and it’s the day after Valentine’s Day — feeling lonely? Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to pick up the pieces, get back on that horse and try dating again. That’s great, but first you should watch this incredibly depressing advertisement for Czech Republic dating site Lidé, in which a sex doll throws herself off the balcony of a high rise after her human uses the service to move on to better (and more real) women. Now you’re in the mood for romance!

The ad, created by McCann Erickson, is certainly generating its fair share of discussion and garnering a lot of attention for Lidé, but maybe it’s not the right kind. Depicting a sex doll with feelings and emotions only to drive her to suicide doesn’t exactly get most people feeling hopeful about all those fish in the sea. But — hey, laaaaaaaadies — the man you meet on Lide could be the type of guy who once brought a sex doll home to meet his parents, which is a definite improvement from your last three OkCupid dates. HEYO!

The Most Disturbing Online Dating Commercial Ever Produced [Buzzfeed]

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