Shocking Video Shows Photoshop of Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Shoot 


The results of this reverse Photoshop video featuring Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein campaign will shock and disturb you, demonstrating the lengths to which poor celebrities must go in order to maintain the illusion of perfection.

Many experts speculated on the authenticity of Bieber’s images and also the size of his bulge. But only now can we bring you this jaw-dropping video that proves the truth, conclusively. “Photoshop continues to set unrealistic standards, even among celebrities,” wrote the creator of the video, who no doubt put themselves and their entire career/very life in jeopardy to bring you this shocking reveal. The video shows the alarming process that people who just want to entertain others and share their art with the world must endure in order to earn their place in the sacred spotlight.

“Be proud of who you are,” the video advises. Yes, yes—this is good, important advice.

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