​Shonda Rhimes Played a Beer Pong Queen on The Mindy Project

In Tuesday night’s episode of The Mindy Project, Shonda Rhimes guest-starred as herself, a brilliant TV producer who also happens to be a beer pong specialist. Because why not.

Shonda makes an appearance when Peter reluctantly partners with Jeremy — who’s great at beer pong and at least has a purpose in this episode — for the annual Dartmouth Alumni Beer Pong Tournament. “Writing’s how I pay the bills, but my passion is beer pong,” says Shonda, the reigning champ (of everything).

Although we all love Peter, at Dartmouth he was nicknamed “Leftie” because all of his college girlfriends ditched him for one of his friends. Eventually, Peter redeems himself by dethroning Shonda.

The other storyline features a well-meaning Mindy trying to schmooze with the hospital chief, Dr. Jean Fishman, who mistakes her for a lesbian. My only gripe is that the wait-I’m-not-gay plot line has been overdone on TV. Peter soothes the situation, telling Mindy, “We’ve all had a gay experience.”

Of note: Mindy and Morgan both had “Fancy” as their ringtone.

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