Shower Sex Holds Nick and Vanessa Lachey's Marriage Together

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Shower Sex Holds Nick and Vanessa Lachey's Marriage Together

Every marriage needs a way to keep things spicy, especially after children enter the picture and threaten to dampen your sex life forever under a cataract of drool and spilled juice. (I’m not married myself, I’ve just seen a lot of commercials.)

For Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the answer is shower sex.

“I love you Nick,” Vanessa said on a new episode of the Bellas Podcast. “So I’m in the shower and I’m like, ‘I have a full day. You have a full day. It’s either now or never.’ The kids are at school. It happens and then later that night, if you get like the cherry on top, great. But if not, we already did shower”

The Lacheys have been married since 2011, have three kids, and co-host the Netflix dating show Love Is Blind together. Is shower sex really all it takes to keep a relationship going strong through all that? Or are they LYING? [E! Online]

These days, when I think of real estate, I consider it in terms of how it would be to ride out a coronavirus quarantine. I can tell you without hesitation that Dakota Johnson’s house would be a great place to spend two weeks in isolation.

Johnson gave a tour of her L.A. home for Architectural Digest, and while I’m sure we’re supposed to be admiring her alphabetized record collection or her giant crystal the size of a toddler, I personally can’t stop thinking about how much storage space she has. Imagine of all the places you could stack your soup cans and the hundreds of rolls of toilet paper you apparently bought on Amazon because I can’t get any and I’m down to one roll!

I want to be quarantined in a house with a pool! Wah! [Us Weekly]

  • In my next life I too will have a “girly glam playroom.” [People]
  • Brandi Glanville dated David Schwimmer and Ben Stiller…? [Page Six]
  • Joel Osteen is powering on through coronavirus, hallelujah. [TMZ]
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