Shut Up Feminists: Men Do Housework, Too!


It appears that men do help out around the house, even though we’re always moaning about their lazy asses. The London School of Economics found that men and women both work an average of eight hours a day in paid jobs or unpaid duties. However, working women still “pick up the bulk of the domestic responsibilities.”

  • Although federal agencies have reassured the public on multiple occasions that all scanned images using the new body scanner machines will not be stored, it turns out that some police agencies have kept the controversial pics. Tens of thousands of x-ray images, which have been likened to a “virtual strip search,” have been kept and cataloged.
  • A survey from a Chinese newspaper found that 75% of teens are getting their sex ed from the internet. Following the world wide web, books and friends were ranked as the second and third most important sources for information about sex. “There is a severe lack of formal sex education in China, so many teenagers turn to the internet,” Ye Qing, who runs a online educations center for youth, explains.
  • The reality series “Bad Girls Club Miami” is currently the number one show on cable among young women, according to Nielsen Media Research. The premiere earlier this week was the most watched in all of Oxygen history.
  • Salinger fans, take note: Two big projects on the life of the famous author are set to be released within the next year. In September a two-hour documentary on the writer will premiere, and soon after an 800-page biography titled The Private War of J.D. Salinger will hit bookshelves.
  • Cancer specialists are protesting against recent criticism of breast cancer screening, which suggests that the tests that look for cancer may cause more harm than good. Leaders of England’s breast-screening program say that the critics used data that is out of date to back their allegations, and urge women to continue getting checked for the disease.
  • Seven puppies were killed on board an American Airlines jet when the cargo hold overheated. Normally, the airline refuses to fly pets when the weather forecast indicates temperatures of over 85 degrees, but when the plane took off it was already approaching 90 degrees.
  • A 61-year-old Scottish man has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for murdering his wife with a guinea pig ornament. Joseph Richardson says he became enraged when he found out his wife was planning to leave him for an old friend she contacted through Facebook.
  • In attempts to better match up college freshmen roommates, colleges have begun turning to social media to make better pairings. Some schools are even allowing students to choose their own roommate through the Facebook application RoomBug. However, many universities maintain that learning how to get along – and survive in a cramped, smelly dorm room – with a stranger is an important part of college education.
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