Sign Me Up for This 'Loveless Marriage'

Sign Me Up for This 'Loveless Marriage'
Screenshot:Wheel of Fortune (YouTube)

Wheel of Fortune, a show that I only watch when I don’t change the channel fast enough after Jeopardy, had a very special player this week.

Blair Davis, a 50-year-old extreme beard grower from San Diego, introduced himself on Tuesday’s episode by letting everyone know he was in a loveless marriage.

As was expected, this moment went viral online, with everyone wondering how soon Blair and his $6000 in winnings would be available on Bumble after his quickie divorce from his “battle-axe” wife, Kim.

Put down those swiping fingers, ladies, because as he eventually revealed, Blair was just kidding. “I knew it was coming,” Kim told the New York Post. “Everybody [at home] laughed.” Blair and Kim have been happily married for the last 12 years and it appears that their love language is name-calling. Battle-axe is “one of the nicer” names that Kim has been called over the years, she told the Post.

The couple loves “cracking jokes,” and were surprised to find that the intro had such an impact online. Some Wheel of Fortune fans (yes, there are fans) on Twitter praised Blair for his humorous moment of honesty. Personally, I can’t wait till my husband publicly scorns our marriage for ratings.

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