Simone Biles Simply Cannot Stop Making History

Simone Biles Simply Cannot Stop Making History
Photo:Jamie Squire (Getty Images)

Simone Biles has participated in another gymnastics competition, which means I’m here to report that Biles has made history yet again.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that the Olympic gymnast became the first woman ever to land a Yurchenko double pike at the U.S. Classic in Indianapolis. Up until then only men had pulled off the intricate vault stunt, which involves a roundoff, back handspring, and several flips—too many, some might say.

One would not be faulted for believing that Biles might have run out of records to beat after that—not to mention all of the accolades she left the 2016 Olympics with. But one would be wrong.

On Sunday, Biles became the first woman to win seven U.S. all-around titles at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Fort Worth, finishing nearly five full points ahead of the runner-up, Sunisa Lee.

“I feel like I did try to enjoy it because it could be one of my last championships that I’ll attend,” Biles told press after her performance. “But it’s also the road to Tokyo, and after this we have trials, so we just have to really embrace the moment.”

If the Tokyo Olympics proceed as planned—which is seeming increasingly likely despite frantic warnings from global health experts—it looks like Biles as well as Lee and Biles’s training partner Jordan Chiles will make up the top three spots on the U.S. team.

As Biles mentioned, the last step before then is the Olympic trials, which take place later this month—another opportunity to outdo herself.

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