Sister Wives Talk Like Soul-Sucking Stepford Zombies


The cast of Sister Wives — which premieres Sunday, the Lord‘s day — were on the Today show this morning, and answered some viewer questions, including “how would you feel about bringing another husband into the family?”

“That’s not something that would ever be considered,” one of the wives said, while the husband, Kody, sat stone-faced. Wouldn’t you love to know how he would react if one of his wives admitted she was seeing another man?

The wives were also asked what they do when they feel jealous. “You get over yourself,” one laughed. Then Kody said “usually I’m the brunt of the jealousy.” Well, duh.

Kody also says he would do it all again — for love. Of course he would! His situation has zero downsides.

It’s too bad the Today show host didn’t ask Kody or his wives to discuss their beliefs. Because if you’re not familiar with what Kody vaguely calls “his faith” — that is, religious fundamentalism — then you might think, wow, these people are so edgy! So open-minded! It’s just a big happy family! You might not realize how the extreme, patriarchal belief system belittles and oppresses women.

In addition, it’s interesting how, in a time of growing Islamaphobia, this religious fundamentalism is fun prime-time entertainment. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that they’re smiley, American, white people?

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