Skate Fashion: High (Arbitrary) Marks To Peculiar Pairs Plumage


The World Figure Skating Championships, held yesterday in Los Angeles, featured some of the best ice costumes we’ve ever seen. ‘Nuff said.

This On the Town special is one of the best! Somehow a sailor costume feels like a perfect way to deal with the inherent cheesiness of the man’s costume! Score: 8.9

Love the skirt, love the pocket square, points off for the bodice! Score: 6.3

A little tango, a little ’20s, a lot fab? Score: 9.0

Classic Sonja Henie glam – and dig the cravat. Score: 8.2

This pink feels a bit less fresh than some of the other retro-toggery. Score: 7.6

I know it’s sultry and tango and all that good stuff and that she’s not always upside-down….but I think the gloves take this a little too Spider Woman. Score: 7.4

The jitterbug cheerleaders are cute, if a bit late-’90s. Score: 8.6

Oh, the bobbysoxers! I like how the guy’s shirt evokes a ’70s prom tux. Score: 8.8

[Images via AP]

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