'Smile Bitch Training Camp' Helps You Look Happy When You're Catcalled


If you’re a lady who’s gone out in public before, chances are that — in a moment when you’re contemplating something serious or just letting your face sit in its relaxed position — some male passerby has oh-so-helpfully suggested that you smile. And why don’t you? Because your sad? Because you don’t want to? DOESN’T MATTER. You need to be constantly grinning for the benefit of strangers and “Smile Bitch Training Camp” will teach you how!

Created by comedian Janelle James, the Smile Bitch Training Camp will show you how to “smile like a lunatic at all times.”

If you’re on the fence about enrolling because you like having control over your own facial expression, then why not let this great testimonial convince you?

“Thanks to the Smile Bitch Training Camp, guys never have to have their day ruined by seeing my unhappy face!”

SOLD. ***smiles so hard that all of my teeth crack out of my head***

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