So Did Barack Obama Watch the Fleabag Episode Where She Masturbates to His Speech?

So Did Barack Obama Watch the Fleabag Episode Where She Masturbates to His Speech?
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Barack Obama loved Fleabag’s second season, according to the list he released on Sunday of his favorite 2019 movies and TV shows (notable omissions: Uncut Gems, Pen15). Everyone loved Fleabag’s second season, so on its face, Obama’s admission isn’t all that shocking. BUT.

Though I cannot recall any specific reference to the former president during Fleabag’s second season, he was definitely in the first one. Obama’s in the pilot, in fact—Fleabag watches him give a speech (this speech) on her laptop in bed, then starts, uh, masturbating to said speech before *spoiler alert* her boyfriend feels the bed shake and breaks up with her. It’s a great and very funny scene, and it is now highly possible that Barack Obama, our former Hot President, has seen it.

This caused a bit of a stir on the internet on Sunday, as it dawned over the online masses that Obama and probably also Michelle watched Phoebe Waller-Bridge simulate rubbing one out to Barack talking about the Arab Spring. It’s quite an image: Barack and Michelle sitting side by side on the couch, marveling at PWB’s sharp writing and chic haircut, Michelle asking where the Hot Priest is, Barack pointing to the TV and saying, “Oh, it’s me!” as, slowly, everyone realizes what’s going on and there’s a big argument and the night ends with Barack having to sleep on that couch.

It is also possible Obama did not watch the first season of Fleabag. I have some friends who skipped Fleabag’s first season and went straight to the second, and while I believe that is deeply wrong, they still seemed to enjoy what they watched just fine.

Obama is a very busy man and though he makes time to watch television and film (not Uncut Gems, apparently!) perhaps he too skipped ahead? I don’t know!!! I find it slightly suspect that he included The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power on his best books list, even though it is critical of the Obama administration, so it’s possible he outsources some of these recommendations. Though more likely he’s just comfortable with reading the comments.

So, in conclusion, Obama may or may not have watched Fleabag beat her lady meat to his face. Whom among us will be brave enough to ask him for comment?

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