So Does This Mean Michele Bachmann Will Finally Shut Up?


George Stephanopoulos executed the world’s most simple “Gotcha!” moment during his interview with Tea Party leader Michele Bachmann this morning. Not that she was having it or anything.

Stephanopolous read aloud selection of a Tea Party bill that proposes all candidates for President and Vice President must attach a “copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, certified by the appropriate official in the candidate’s sate of birth.” When Bachmann agreed to the terms, George whipped out Obama’s birth certificate, saying “well, I’ve got it right here!” Gotcha!

Unfortunately — or perhaps, annoyingly — Bachmann refused to end the debate, saying things like, “Well then, that’s what should settle it,” and, “Introduce that and we’re done, end of story, move on.” When Stephanopolous fired back saying the document already had been introduced, she replied, “Well, as long as someone introduces it, I guess it’s over.” You guess it’s over? For fuck’s sake.

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