SoCal Del Taco Accidentally Charges Customers Thousands

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A Southern California Del Taco is in a bit of hot water after a credit card glitch accidentally caused several customers to be charged thousands of dollars for their meals.

About 150 customers were mistakenly charged absurd amounts of money late last week at one specific Del Taco location in Santa Paula, CA, about 65 miles North of Los Angeles. The source of the problem is still unknown, but it seems to have manifested as an error in marking the decimal place in processing transactions (I think, and that’s as technical as I’m ever willing to get about anything, ever). The company, along with the credit-card processor, is scrambling to fix the issue, apologizing profusely to customers and assuring everyone that their charges will be reversed as soon as humanly possible.

It’s hard not to feel for Del Taco here; anyone who’s ever had a computer stubbornly refuse to work for no reason has been there. Oh, sure, the stupid Genius bar* will tell you your computer is screwing up because of you “hitting it with a claw hammer” and because of “terabytes upon terabytes of porn,” but what the fuck do they know?


Anyway, here’s my favorite quote from the whole thing:

Customer Michael Cole said he was surprised when he was charged $4,050 for one CrunchTada Pizza and two beef tacos…[he] still thinks highly of the food and service at his local Del Taco.
“It’s not going to deter me from coming back,” he said. “I’ll probably use cash from now on.”

Man, some people REALLY do not play when it comes to their Del Taco.

*A pre-emptive “STFU, you self-important walking colostomy bags” to PC users about to comment with “well, there’s your problem right there.” You are neither clever nor original, and you can go fuck yourselves. Anyway, the Geek Squad equivalent would be to just say “we don’t know what’s wrong with your computer, now give us hundreds of dollars,” so you don’t really have a leg to stand on here.

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