Sofia Richie Has Broken Up With Skeleton King Scott Disick

Sofia Richie Has Broken Up With Skeleton King Scott Disick

The evil is defeated: After three long years of laying siege to paparazzi photo rolls and tabloid ink budgets, infamous ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, 37, will no longer haunt the Instagram posts of Sofia Richie, 21. Bye-bye!

Page Six reports that Richie’s decision was fueled in part by Disick’s recent relapse, but also because of those vacations Kourtney Disick insisted on chaperoning. According to a source: “Kourtney didn’t make it easy for her, and you can only tolerate that kind of treatment for so long.” But let’s not turn our gaze too far from Disick, who first met Richie when she was just a teen, and a friend of his sister-in-law-ish Kylie Jenner.

Their relationship was a focal point of controversy on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, mainly with Kourtney, who often accused Disick of manipulating her family to his side. The rest of the Kardashians, meanwhile, were all too ready to stoke the flames of conflict internally—they have to mine ratings somehow. But while there is undoubtedly a lucrative career as a famous offspring ahead for Richie, now that she isn’t chaperoning uncool old Disick at all those Boohoo pop-up parties, Disick can look forward to… well… maybe starting another middling leisurewear brand. Too bad he won’t have Richie around to gussy up the fact that he’s a washed-up, reality television side-character with an ugly haircut and a penchant for ruining his girlfriend’s lives.

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