Solange's Latest Performance Art Project Explores Movement and Architecture


Before joining Beyoncé on stage for a history-making Coachella set on Saturday, our hero Solange debuted a performance art piece at UCLA’s Hammer Museum in Los Angeles on Friday.

The museum describes her set, titled “Metatronia (Metatron’s Cube),” as “an interdisciplinary performance piece and reflection featuring dance and sculpture directed and created by Solange Ferguson in partnership with Uniqlo.” Solange offered the following artist statement:

Metatronia explores the process, and mapping of creation. The piece is an exercise on following the intuitive force that guides us, helping us to create space, and silence the mind to create the work. Continuing my practices and interest in exploring the relationship of movement and architecture as a meditation, Metatronia centers around building frequency and creating charge through visual storytelling.

The full performance, which you can watch here, is a little over four minutes, and fuses dance and design, with a large white cube built into the choreography. In some moments, it feels like an M. C. Escher painting come to life:

Solange is no stranger to the art world—last September, she performed a piece in Woodbridge, New York titled “Musical Meditation,” which she described as “a moment of meditation and reflection to build internal energy through music and fellowship.” In the same month, her digital work, “Seventy States,” was featured at the Tate London, a collection of music video concepts for songs on her last album, her groundbreaking 2016 album, A Seat at the Table. And there was her Guggenheim performance last May in New York. Metatronia is a continuation of those efforts.

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