Stephen Miller Wants to Turn the Entire Federal Bureaucracy Into a Weapon Against Immigrants


Senior Trump policy adviser and humanoid foreskin Stephen Miller is apparently incredibly effective at getting racist shit done in the Trump administration.

Politico has an extensive look into Miller’s tenure in the Trump White House, and it’s as stomach-churning as you’d expect from the 33-year-old architect of the Muslim ban and one of the forces behind the “zero-tolerance” immigration policy at the U.S.-Mexico border.

He reportedly leads immigration policy meetings with rants about “immigrant criminals;” is a loyal enforcer for, and gives specificity to, the president’s xenophobic whims, and has tried to position himself as one of the primary policy forces in the White House.

And he wants to use that power to turn the entire federal bureaucracy into a weapon to be used against immigrants. More from Politico:

Perhaps Miller’s most important move has been identifying and promoting lower-level staffers who share his anti-immigration views, some of whom he helped place into key agencies, essentially embedding foot soldiers across the federal government. […]
A White House staffer who admires Miller said the Trump confidant is in contact with many more career staffers across the government who support his views, even lawyers from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Miller has asked people to look at every policy change possible within the executive branch’s authority to be stricter on immigration, the White House staffer said.

Deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley assured Politico that Miller is largely following orders—never making a move without first considering “What does President Donald Trump want done?”

Regardless of who is calling the shots, Miller reportedly thinks he’s just getting started.

The latest test of Miller’s power is underway, as he tries to slash the number of refugees the U.S. accepts next year to 25,000 or fewer, according to former officials and advocates for refugees. That’s even lower than the historic nadir of 45,000 he helped pull it down to last year, and Miller is playing a major role as the State Department, Pentagon and other agencies try to reach a consensus before Sept. 30.

A former administration official told Politico that Miller’s approach can be best described as such: “I will tell you what the outcome is, and we’ll work backward to get there.”

Read the rest of the story at Politico.

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