Steve Bannon Is Back in the Movie Biz, Baby! 


Steve Bannon, the White House’s estranged racist uncle, is launching a pro-Trump Political Action Committee to warn Republicans about the stakes of the midterm elections.

Politico reports that the Citizens for the American Republic will “advise surrogates, generate talking points, and flood the TV and radio airwaves ahead of a perilous midterm election.” The campaign will also release a documentary about Trump:

As part of the campaign, Bannon — a former Hollywood producer who’s made several conservative films — will soon release a new documentary, “Trump@War,” which he plans to release in September on the two-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s now-infamous speech in which she referred to Trump supporters as “deplorables.” The slickly produced movie depicts the president in deeply flattering terms, casting him as a populist hero who’s followed through on his campaign promises and defied a long line of liberal critics.

And what is this movie about?

It notably does not focus on the culture wars that Trump advisers have said will be the key to his re-election strategy, but tells a positive story about the president’s 2016 campaign and time in office, while portraying liberal Trump haters as the ones who have targeted his supporters with physical violence in the streets.

“It’s all on the table Nov. 6,” Bannon told Politico. “This is the re-elect. How do you use this to trigger the civil war in the Democratic party? You must win.”

This film sounds very chill.

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