Summer At J. Crew: Pretty, Pastel, Pricey

Memorial day means summer has unofficially begun, and the folks at J.Crew are pushing soft, light, pretty pastels — and some of it’s almost affordable!

Some people look awesome in slouchy stuff; I am not one of them. That said, digging the tones here. The shirt is $35; the pants are $50.

Gah! I am usually drawn to brights, but how can you not fall for all these soft, sweet, sorbet colors? My fave thing here is the “corsage” tee, $30.

Well these sandals may “start” at $49.50, but four flats on this page are $88. True story: I bought the silver sandals at the top of the page, but they were 25% off in the store and I had some kind of 15% off coupon thingy and ended up paying under $50. Which is closer to what they ought to cost, in my opinion.

Ah, if only summer actually looked like this: Breezy, gorgeous, sunny, shady and delicate. Instead it’s more sticky, sweaty, gross and uncomfortable. Nice dress, though. $78.

I have mentioned this before, but I love cardigans. Love. Them. and when I see fruity, citrusy, fresh shades like this, I get excited. Then I see the price: $158. Boo. I know, it’s cashmere. Still. Boo.

Clearly she does not have allergies. The dress is what mag editors call “girly” or “feminine.” So super pretty; $138.

Again with the slouchy, “boyfriend” pants. Can people with large thighs get away with this? I think not. I would end up looking like I work for UPS.

Ruffle V-neck in bias-cut cotton? Yes. Please. $33.

Gorgeous! If you don’t have a giant rack, that is. It comes in white, in case you’re headed to St. Tropez.

So. The rosettes on this gown remind me a little of that Project Runway contestant whose trademark was applying tiny fabric blooms to everything. Here? It’s either gloriously wacky or wackily glorious, I can’t decide. Obviously a lot of work went into it, and it’s silk, and it’s imported. Still: The price is $3,000.

More pretty, pretty colors; Unfortunately, that dress on the right isn’t even available. Boo.

If we’ve learned anything today, it’s that pink, ruffles and frills are “key” for summer. If you work at J. Crew.

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