Surprisingly Sensible Voters Not Fooled By Palin On Women's Health


According to a new poll, only 22 percent of women trust Sarah Palin to “represent [their] views on women’s health issues.” Clearly, the rest haven’t gotten the memo that her stances on reproductive rights represent the Real America.

The poll, commissioned by Planned Parenthood and conducted by a Democratic firm, surveyed 802 registered voters. When men’s answers were factored into the same question about trust, the numbers jumped to a whopping 24 percent. And independent women had the least amount of trust in her, 12 percent. And, Politico reports, 43 percent of all the voters “described Palin as ‘out of step’ with their views on the issues; 31 percent say she is in line with their beliefs.”

Planned Parenthood also asked about trust in its own organization, which 58 percent of women said they trusted. (Here’s a preview of an anti-choice talking point: They’re fooling women with those free condoms and morning after pills! It’s an insidious plan by the greedy abortion business!).

The voters surveyed were less aware of Speaker John Boehner’s positions, but were suspicious of Republican proposals on women’s health: The poll “found 74 percent to oppose higher taxes on health insurance plans that cover abortion, which Planned Parenthood contends certain Republican legislative proposals would entail. The same number disagreed with abstinence-only education, which does not include information about contraception or STDs.”

But really, what is all this talk about women’s health? Let’s not forget the man who anointed Palin and how he felt about “women’s health” and how it belonged in air quotes. (Or, let’s remember in this classic Sam Bee segment from 2008). Since then, Palin has been free to show her own disrespect for the topic, cloaked in pseudo-feminist language. Thank God most people aren’t fooled.

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Update: Some more interesting findings from the poll:

  • 88 percent of voters support education for teens that includes information about abstinence as well as birth control and preventing sexually transmitted diseases.
  • 75 percent of voters support policies to reduce unintended pregnancies through greater access to birth control.
  • 77 percent of voters disagree with making abortion illegal, even in cases of rape or incest (including 68 percent of voters who voted for the Republican candidate for Congress in 2010).

Poll: Sarah Palin Not Trustworthy On Abortion

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