Susan Sontag Shopped at Sephora

The entirety of Susan Sontag’s digital archive has been released, including all of her emails, from her desktop and laptop computers. Aside from sounding vaguely terrifying—even if you were Susan Sontag, genius of life, would you want any rando reading your every email?—the LA Review of Books (via The Cut) trudged through all 17,198 of her emails and discovered that Sontag, essayist and public intellectual, was on Sephora’s mailing list, the “Sephora Beauty Insider.”

One time I saw Stockard Channing at Sephora on 72nd and Amsterdam and almost died, but Sontag is too much to handle. Did she shop on the internet exclusively, or in stores? What do you think she was copping? She seems to me like a Nars type of person, like the heady black packaging, very serious font and intense color names—Orgasm, Sin, Liberté—would appeal to a woman of her heft. Or maybe like, Shiseido. Writes the LARB: “Sontag died a decade ago, but there is something compelling about knowing that she was on Sephora’s mailing list. Susan Sontag: she’s just like us.” And with very shiny hair.

Image via Getty.

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