Suspected Pedophile Murdered By Girl Vigilante


A 14-year-old girl has been arrested for the murder of Robert Daley, 45, who was found dead in his London apartment on Friday evening. Daley had just been freed from rape charges.

The same teen suspected of murdering Daley filed charges against him earlier this year. He was also accused of attacking the girl’s 18-year-old sister. The Metropolitan Police child protection team launched an investigation, but they were unable to prove that Daley had attacked either girl. On April 13th, prosecutors decided that there was insufficient evidence against Daley, and allowed the suspected pedophile to go free.

Police believe the girl entered his apartment and stabbed him to death early Friday evening. He was found alive, and barely able to speak. He died moments later, after giving his first name to police and paramedics. They initially arrested an 18-year-old man for the murder, but on Sunday the suspected victim was detained. The girl is still being held.

The Daily Mail took it upon themselves to interview some of Daley’s neighbors, who all tell the same story. “He was a decent neighbor who had never caused any problems,” said Barry Boreland, who found Daley’s body. “He never caused trouble. I saw him riding his mountain bike near his home a couple of hours before his death and he didn’t look like he had a care in the world. It is all a terrible shock,” added his friend from the nearby pub. Even more disturbing is David Eden, who described him as a “bit of a ladies man.”

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