Take A Tour Of The New Women's Sports World Village


BIG Architects has designed a new facility in Malmo, Sweden for the research, education, and development of women’s sports. While architects avoided the industrial look of most sports complexes, miraculously, the World Village Of Women’s Sports isn’t pink and curvy.

According to a press release, BIG’s design was chosen for the Village because it’s “a town within a town rather than just a sports complex.”

These renderings posted on Inhabitat show how the new sports complex will integrate with the surrounding neighborhood.

The architects explain that the stadium has glass walls so, “it appears like an open and welcoming public space, visible from all of the surrounding streets – generously offering its interior life to the passers-by.”

The central hall will be used to host concerts, conferences, exhibitions, and flea markets.

The courtyard, which includes a sports field, does feature curvy walkways. However, it seems this is meant to contrast the buildings’ jagged edges, not reference womanly shapes like most lady designs.

Though, the architects did have women in mind when they decided not to go with the traditional concrete slab look for the gym. Says BIG Partner-In-Charge Bjarke Ingels:

Considering the special requirements of women of all cultures and all ages, special attention has been given, to provide the sports village with a feeling of intimacy and well being often lacking in the more masculine industrial-style sports complexes that are more like factories for physical exercise, than temples for body and mind.

The elevation view of the Village.

The Village’s floorplan.

BIG Wins Competition For The World Village Of Women Sports [e-architect]
BIG’s Sloped And Jagged World Village Of Women’s Sports [Inhabitat]

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