Talk About a Ruined World Tour

After canceling the U.S. leg of her This Is Me...Live tour, and amid rumors that she and Ben Affleck are heading for divorce, Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Europe flying... commercial.

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Talk About a Ruined World Tour

On June 18, Justin Timberlake was arrested in Sag Harbor, New York, and uttered the words that quickly became the catchphrase of the summer. As he was getting arrested by a Gen Z cop who had no idea who he was, Timberlake reportedly muttered, “This is going to ruin the tour.” When the cop asked “What tour?” he replied, “The world tour.” The exchange took Twitter by storm and I, personally, used it this past week on numerous occasions, including when I hit traffic during a four-hour car ride, after I took a bite of a bagel sandwich that wasn’t good, and when I stubbed my toe.

While Justin’s had to cancel a couple of tour dates, it remains to be seen if he’ll be forced to cancel his entire The Forget Tomorrow World Tour, which kicked off in Vancouver on April 29. Unfortunately, there’s another pop star who’s currently experiencing the real-life consequences of an actual ruined world tour. Over the weekend Jennifer Lopez was spotted flying…commercial.

On Saturday, Lopez flew economy from Naples to Paris for Paris Fashion Week on a regular airplane with regular people. She sat in the window seat while her bodyguard sat in the aisle seat, according to the photos from TMZ. I got upgraded to first class on an hour-and-a-half flight one time and pretty much talk about it any chance I get—so I can’t even begin to imagine how humiliating the reverse (going from private jet to economy) must feel. Maybe she’s making some big climate change statement but, I really, really fucking doubt it.

Lopez has had a tough few months: Her movie, This Is Me…Now, and subsequent documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told—which she sunk $20 million of her own money into—were both mercilessly mocked; she was forced to cancel the U.S. leg of her This Is Me…Live tour, reportedly due to low ticket sales; and her marriage to Ben Affleck is possibly already heading for divorce. I’m guessing being photographed flying commercial and having everyone write about it is just a bucket of salt rubbed in a giant wound. Sorry!

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