Tan Dudes Are More "Manly"? • Abstinence Programs Work?


• This explains so much: researchers have found that sunbathing gives the male libido a boost – mainly by upping their testosterone. Just an hour of sunlight can provide a 69% jump in testosterone levels. •

• Data spinning ahead! The headline proclaiming abstinence programs work actually refers to a study that says they may delay initial sexual contact. The researchers warn against drawing ideological conclusions from their limited data. • According to a recent study, sexual minority youth are two to three times more likely to be bullied than their straight peers. Gay and lesbian youth are also less likely to participate in bullying. • Feministe takes down a letter to the New York Time‘s Ethicist column about the double standards of revoking scholarships from pregnant girls and not from their sperm donors. The letter-writer worries that helping a young mother return to school will set a precedent. Fortunately, Randy Cohen advises the organization to restore her scholarship, and quit it with their “strikingly unfair” policies. • Continuing his coverage of rape in the Congo, Nicholas D. Kristof has posted a video titled “Congo’s Forgotten War.” The five-minute clip is full of depressing moments, but one of the worst quotes is from a young man: “A raped woman is only worth two goats, if that.” Most women are “worth” 20 goats. • 14-year-old Uma Jha has been named the “brainiest” student in Australia for her knowledge of neuroscience. Jha will go on to compete in the Brain Bee Challenge in California this August. The competition will include a anatomy exam, doctor-patient diagnosis and a neuroscience quiz. • UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed the important role African women must play in the fight against poverty, hunger, disease and instability. He calls on African leaders to do more to end violence against women, and asked for support for a campaign honoring the “unsung heroes” of the continent. • The number of female breadwinners in the UK has increased from 5% in 1968 to 25%. The rise of “bread-winning wives” has lead to an increase in support groups for men and fathers. “The idea that men see themselves as breadwinners is collapsing. Since the 1970s men have become far more egalitarian and the number who want to get off the career ladder and spend more time with their children has gone up,” explained the chief executive of the Fatherhood Institute. •

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