*Taps Mic* Is This Thing On? Jezebel Is Back!

Grab a beverage and tell us what we missed in the news last week.

*Taps Mic* Is This Thing On? Jezebel Is Back!
Photo:Left to right: Michael Stewart/WireImage; Alex Moss/FilmMagic; Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon (Getty Images)

Why hello there. You may have noticed that something was amiss with Jezebel last week. There were far fewer news stories, thought-provoking interviews, personal essays, smart takes, and essential Dirt Bag celebrity roundups published on this here website. But we are happy to announce that we are back, baby, and ready to write stuff on this here website.

While Jezebel’s writers and editors were away from our keyboards for reasons you should just Google if you need to, we missed your comments and tips on what to cover. There was also a week’s worth of headlines we didn’t write about. We were vaguely aware of the news amid our haze, but could definitely use a refresher.

The team half-registered push notifications and tweets about things including: President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech, a 15-week abortion ban advancing in Florida, multiple states continuing to target transgender kids, the, uh, Russian invasion of Ukraine (which is looking more horrific by the day), Senate hearing dates being set for a historic Supreme Court nomination, certain exes continuing to do scary shit, Britney Spears speaking out against her family, and probably many more things that we simply can’t remember right now. Is Pete Davidson still with Kim? We’re rooting for those two crazy kids.

So please, grab a beverage—maybe some tea if you feel so inclined—and tell us what’s up, what’s got your attention right now. What other news, nonsense, or niche drama did you come across last week that we should be writing about? Let us know what you think were the biggest or least covered stories of late in the comments section below. We missed you guys and are thrilled to be back!

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