Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Must Include These 33 Songs

The tour starts in Arizona tonight, and I'm begging her to kick off the show of my dreams with "Cruel Summer."

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Taylor Swift’s long-awaited, a little chaotic, insanely anticipated tour is finally, FINALLY, here. Swift kicks off her The Eras Tour tonight at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Huge if you’re a fan, and just another weekend if you’re not. I feel like I did the day my parents took me on my first trip to Disney World. I was 5 years old and so excited that I peed my pants on the Dumbo ride. I feel similarly now!

Since the tour announcement late last year, Swifties have been trying to guess/predict/manifest her setlist. Swift herself kind of confirmed that “Delicate” will be included. A few social media videos this week, filmed outside the stadium while Swift was rehearsing, seemed to confirm that “Style,” “My Tears Ricochet,” and “You Belong With Me” will be included, among a few others. And at midnight on Thursday, Swift released four previously unreleased songs (but still no “Hits Different”)—so that’s four more songs she may or may not include!

We’re hours away from finding out whether she’ll perform the 10-minute version of “All Too Well” or if “Our Song” made the cut, whether any of the 3 a.m. songs from Midnights will be included (they all should), and whether Karyn, our beloved reputation-era snake, will join Swift onstage. I would pay to listen to Taylor Swift cough so I am truly (mostly) fine with whatever she chooses to perform—though if she doesn’t play “Cruel Summer,” I will set myself on fire.

Swift’s shows have historically been two hours long, but I need this tour to give us at least three: Hypothetically, for the sake of the lengthy setlist I’m envisioning, but also in real life, for the sake of me finally getting to scream the full bridge of “Champagne Problems” with other humans instead of while driving around alone back in my hometown. So, I’ve whittled down Swift’s 229 songs (per Rob Sheffield’s ranking in Rolling Stone, which I deeply disagree with, but that’s a conversation for a different day) to 33, which I think is a nice number because she will be 33 on the Eras tour.

My choices will be upsetting to some people. My setlist is hectic, it’s chaotic, and it has a rhyme and reason that really only makes sense to me and my inner children. There are some glaring omissions and some true wild cards that will likely never get to experience the privilege of being performed live 🙁 But this is my dream. It is also the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Good luck to Taylor. Please perform “Cruel Summer.”

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