Tea Party Senate Candidate Hates Masturbation


Sorry, what was that about the Tea Party being all about economic and not social issues? Not only has this year brought Sharron Angle. There’s also Christine O’Donnell, whose definition of abstinence includes self-abuse.

O’Donnell is challenging a congressman in Delaware’s Republican Senate primary, and until now no one took her seriously. (Possibly because she’s a wackjob who got five contributions from Delaware in the law quarter.) But then establishment Republican Lisa Murkowski lost in Alaska to a previous unknown, backed by Tea Party money, and the groups vowed to make Delaware their next target.

Republicans party officials are scrambling, trashing her in the press and making websites like “The Real Christine.” And reporters have just started digging.

The Huffington Post reports that O’Donnell was on a Sex In The 90s special on MTV. (Remember those?) “The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can’t masturbate without lust,” she said, adding. “The reason that you don’t tell [people] that masturbation is the answer to AIDS and all these other problems that come with sex outside of marriage is because again it is not addressing the issue. You’re just gonna create somebody who is, I was gonna say, toying with his sexuality. Pardon the pun.”

We’ll pardon the pun! Just not the rest of it.

That’s in addition to her views on sex education in schools, showcased in a 2007 Fox News appearance where she faced off against former surgeon general Jocelyn Elders:

“This breaks down the natural modesty that exists within children to protect them,” O’Donnell continued, arguing that if children get comfortable talking about personal things to their kindergarten teachers, “then suddenly talking to that stranger with candy on the playground is not so creepy.”

It gets worse.

“We have a sexually unhealthy society,” began Elders, but O’Donnell quickly cut her off, saying with a broad grin, “And that is wonderful. … It’s called modesty.”

The good news, this is all dandy for Democrats, who have every reason to want O’Donnell to win the primary — polls show that Democrat Chris Coons can beat O’Donnell, but not Republican Mike Castle. And that would actually be wonderful.

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