Teen Arrested for Cyberbullying Teacher

Today, in This Modern Horrible World, a Connecticut student was arrested for cyberbullying his teacher with an app called Streetchat, which people only seem to use to humiliate each other.

According to NBC New York, a 14-year-old in Norwalk, CT. traded his Mean Girls burn book for Streetchat, a program that allows users to post photos and vote them up if they’re popular. The kid, whose named is being withheld because he’s a minor, snapped creepshots of his teacher at Brien McMahon High School and added captions implying the instructor was sleeping around with students.

Related: Ms. Norbury is a drug pusher.

The mean teen’s been charged with harassment and has been referred to the Juvenile Review Board. But this kid is just one of many cyberbullies upping the ante on Streetchat across Connecticut and other parts of the country. Now the developer behind the app itself is asking users not to be so awful. From the New Canaanite:

“New Canaan High School, at this rate, Streetchat’s going to be prohibited at your school shortly. Here’s a few ways to make sure Streetchat doesn’t get blocked at your school. Do NOT insult faculty and staff. Do NOT target each other personally. Use Streetchat responsibly—this is a place to be funny, not to be a jerk. Have fun!”

Good luck with that.

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