Teen Girls In Britain "Don't Eat Enough", "Have Poor Diets"


Does Britain have an “obeseogenic” culture? New government-sponsored research reveals that girls aged 11 to 18 do not eat enough foods to promote healthy growth, preferring “processed foods, sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks.”

The Guardian paints a vivid picture of the issue, explaining how experts are concerned that as girls gain more freedom from their families, they fall prey to slick marketing and convenience food. Sadly, teenagers around the globe have found an inexpensive way to bond with their friends is by indulging in candy and hanging around fast food establishments, so the issues may reach father than just marketing.

Dr Alison Tedstone, the FSA’s head of nutritional science, said the issue was “an area of concern” and added: “Broadly, teenage girls particularly don’t eat enough. Overall they are a group of the population whose diets are poor. Young children’s diets are generally OK, adults generally a similar picture, adolescents generally are poor. That’s been the picture for a number of years.”

Experts caution that it is not enough to “police the school canteen” – promoting healthy eating in teens will take an effort that focuses on families and the girls themselves.

Teenage girls eat less healthy food than any other group, survey reveals [Guardian]

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