Teen Mom 2 Reunion Generates Sympathy For Jenelle


Ever since first appearing on 16 & Pregnant, and continuing with her stint on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans has consistently exhibited poor behavior, bad decision making, and a lack of interest in raising her son. But on last night’s reunion special, her issues seemed a little more explicable after her mother—on national television, mind you—couldn’t think of three positive qualities about Jenelle, and then admitted that she is not lovable. That kind of rejection would make being a competent human being a difficult task.

Another mess worth noting is Chelsea and Adam. Get a load of those backwards sunglasses. He also wore thong flip flops. It’s so hard to understand why anyone would even have sex with, let alone take such abuse from him when he looks like that. And that has to be his “good” outfit, the one he thinks would present him the most positive, flattering way on TV. He really is disgusting, though, as evidenced by this clip.

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