Terrence Howard Rejected Beyoncé & Padma Lakshmi, Says Terrence Howard


Baby wipes enthusiast Terrence Howard was particularly sassy on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, where the Best Man Holiday star made super questionable claims about famous women hitting on him and talked major shit on how Robert Downey, Jr. screwed him out of the Iron Man sequels.

Within the first minute of the show, Howard said that his Glitter co-star Padma Lakshmi hit on him and he turned her down because he doesn’t like “dominant women.” Of the encounter he said:

Maybe she’ll say that she didn’t but I know when someone starts ovulating.

Cute story.

Then he discussed Beyoncé, who gave Howard a lap dance on stage at the BET Awards in 2005. He said that the dance was Bey’s way of showing him what he missed out on after she tried to “talk” to him years before and he decided to “talk” to her friend instead. You’d think that someone so in tune with the female form that he can predict menstrual cycles would’ve been insightful enough to recognize the Sasha Fierce within Beyoncé.

He got hilariously bitchy when asked about why he wasn’t in the Iron Man sequels. He claims he helped Robert Downey, Jr. land the role of Iron Man but that RDJ was very ungrateful — instead of looking out for Howard, RDJ’s own salary demands boxed Howard out of the sequels. RDJ didn’t call Howard back for three months (maybe RDJ wanted some distance). Howard still seems really pissed off.

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