Thank God Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are Getting a Prenup

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A strong marriage between two famous people is built on many things, including but not limited to “love,” love, publicity, and whether or not they photograph well together. What it is also built on is a prenup. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are taking care of that shit!

Please ignore the fact that TMZ has framed this as Bieber “hedging his bets,” and remember that both of these famous people have money that they should safeguard should their loving union under the watchful eyes of Jesus Christ crumble in two to three months.

There are reports Justin is not asking for a prenup because he and Hailey are both so religious they take the “til death do us part” vow literally — that’s just not true. Justin has been counseled it would be insane not to get a prenup, and he’s on board.

It would indeed be “insane,” but it would also be really freaking stupid!! Human beings who get married and who have money to protect should get a prenup. Marriage isn’t forever! It ends! Divorce is messy and expensive! Justin Bieber is maybe worth $250 million, according to TMZ! Protect ya neck! And ya money!!! Please.


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