The Academy Awards: Rumors, Front-Runners, And A "Drunk And Nude" Hugh Jackman

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  • It’s Oscar night, kids, and you know what that means: a night of fashions, possible upsets, long speeches cut off by orchestra music, and my mother calling to ask me where Billy Crystal is. [CNN]
  • Hugh Jackman is ready to party tonight: “Celebration is the key,” the Oscar host says, “I’m certainly going to have a good time. If I’m not going to have a good time, how the hell is anybody else?”[WashingtonPost]
  • “One of my favorite moments at the Oscars was when the streaker came across David Niven. And we’re upping it a level and we’re just going to do most of the show naked. Um, well, there hopefully will be YouTube moments,” Jackman says. “Drunk and nude, yes. So that’s our new fresh approach. It’s the Australian way.”[CNN]
  • However, Hollywood apparently is none too pleased that films like Wall-E and The Dark Knight didn’t make it into Best Picture contention this year. [NYTimes]
  • Anne Hathaway isn’t expecting to go home with an Oscar tonight: “My category is sewn up. It’s going to be (Kate) Winslet all the way. The best thing so far has not been winning the Golden Globe. It would have been awesome to win and a lot of people told me I was going to, and when I didn’t I realized I was still having a great time. It didn’t matter what would happen to me for the rest of the awards season. I was having a blast and so lucky to be there.” [USAToday]
  • Will Javier Bardem be skipping the Oscars tonight in order to keep his relationship with Penelope Cruz under the radar? “I got an e-mail from a source that said Javier is not going to show because he doesn’t want to acknowledge his relationship with Penélope,” says E!’s Guiliana Rancic, “They’re a couple that likes to stay under the radar and so meeting on the Oscars stage would blow their cover. Would Javier kiss Penelope if she won? Would they hug? Would they shake hands? He’s worried it could be an awkward scene.”[OK!]
  • Mickey Rourke picked up another Best Actor award last night at the Independent Spirit Awards.”I just got done talking to the Santa Monica Police Department,” Rourke said in his speech. “They gave me a bed to sleep in 10 years ago. And I thank them-I asked them for two pillows, they told me to f—k off. But anyway, thank you, Darren Aronofsky, for believing in me…I’ve told people in the past that directors like [him] come around every 25 years…He is one tough son of a bitch and he don’t like it when I say that ’cause he goes, ‘Mickey, you’ll scare all the other actors away from me.’ But Darren, you know what, if they ain’t got the balls to bring it, then f—k ’em, you know.”[E!]
  • Meanwhile, Mike Myers‘ stinker, The Love Guru, was the big winner at last night’s Razzie Awards.[EW]
  • “I wanted to be a movie star. You can’t say about work that I didn’t try very hard. That really wasn’t true. I’ve always been a great opportunist, but the opportunity was not always there. I had a difficult set of circumstances to deal with, particularly for a movie career. Being gay, really. It just doesn’t work.”- Rupert Everett[NYTimes]
  • Is Amy Winehouse responsible for breaking up a couple? A woman claims she found Amy in bed with her girlfriend. Amy asked the woman to join in, but she refused. “It all got messy. Amy shouted at me for not joining in. It was a strange night,” says the unnamed woman, who later updated her MySpace profile to read, “”Amy Winehouse asked me for a threesome and I said no, no, no”.[Mirror]
  • Lacey Schwimmer is quite impressed with her Dancing With The Stars partner, Steve-O: “His head is really clear. I look up to him in that sense because as hard as he’s working on so many things, I feel like I should be working harder. I wasn’t expecting how nice of a guy he turned out to be and how much of a gentleman and how adorable he is. He’s so sweet and so cute and everyone who meets him just falls in love with him,” she says. [People]
  • Johnny Depp’s real acting dream? To be a Python, apparently. “Johnny always wanted to be a Python,” says Terry Gilliam, “He loves comedy and said ‘If I could have been a Python I would’ve been happy.” [DailyExpress]
  • Jessica Alba claims that a leaky source ruined her wedding: “The person who helped us sign the documents told the press that day, so my parents found out from a reporter before we got to tell them,” she says, We were planning to take them out to dinner and tell them, but that got ruined. I was more hurt, probably, than anything. It’s not the first time something like that has happened. Journalists feel entitled to do whatever it takes to get a sensational story, no matter how it affects the person involved. We’re not really people, right? We’re just celebrities.”[ShowbizSpy]
  • Yo: Samantha Ronson doesn’t John Edwards-it when it comes to haircuts, dig? “Two things,” Ronson writes on her MySpace blog, “1. it doesn’t cost $500 to cut my hair…. have you seen my hair? i don’t even have that many strands.
    2. if for some reason i decided that I was going to throw $500 away on a hair cut I would pay for it myself, however- I have a great exchange going with my hair dresser- i make him cds- he cuts my hair. yay! cheap and cheerful! so there!”[ONTD]
  • The third film in the Twilight series, Eclipse, already has a release date of June, 2010. But will sparkly vampires still be all the rage in a year or so? [HollywoodReporter]
  • Diane Kruger was seen at Tommy Hilfiger’s Fashion Week show with bruises under her eyes, but her rep insists that she did not have a nose job. “The truth is she had laser eye surgery the day before,” the rep says. [UPI]
  • Lady GaGa knows what she wants out of this fame gig: “I’m not interested in settling down,” she says, “I just want to make music and f*** random people. I want to be around for 25 years. I admire Madonna and Courtney Love and the way they re-invent themselves and kick ass. I want to do that and be even bigger.”[ShowbizSpy]
  • “I feel like I came from the dark ages into the light ages. When I first started out, we didn’t even have electricity. I was singing on TV before we even owned one. Now here I am in this high tech world. I don’t even know half of what the stuff means. But I’m on it.”-Dolly Parton [ShowbizSpy]
  • Kenan Thompson wins today’s round of “just stop digging that hole, please” when discussing whether or not Chris Brown would ever reappear on SNL: “It’s not up to me, but I’m sure we would if he had another hit single,” Thompson says, “We don’t care about scandal. We just care about what brings us ratings! I don’t know the whole story, but I know how women can get when you get a text message from another female, so I’m just saying, you have to learn that you can’t put your hands on a female.” Oh Kenan. Do we need to get Lori Beth Denberg in here to give you some Vital Information for Your Everyday Life? [USMagazine]
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