The Art of Comparing Pus to Food, Courtesy of Dr. Pimple Popper


You have to wonder whether Dr. Pimple Popper (née Dr. Sandra Lee) is a sadist. Yes, she has devoted her career to helping the lump-afflicted. Yes, she wields a local anesthetic to numb wherever on the body she goes in to dig. But not only is she unsparing in the gory details of her work, which routinely finds pus flowing like water out of a broken damn, she has the tendency of casually underlining how much whatever she’s extracting looks or smells like food.

Almost every week in our episode chats, we highlighted the food metaphors of the week (which sometimes come courtesy of Dr. PP’s more creative-minded patients). Collected above is a season-wide supercut of our favorite—and by that I mean absolute least favorite… I think—comparisons. From butter to chitlins to spoiled cheese to oatmeal to chicken, the greatest hits are all here. I cannot believe this show exists, and yet I don’t remember what I did without it.

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