The Best Episodes of TV We Watched in 2022

From the The Bear to Abbott Elementary to Yellowjackets, it was quite a bingeworthy year in television. Let's discuss the highlights.

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Television wasn’t quite the main character this year that it was in 2020 or 2021—but 2022 still gave us plenty of reason to (choose to) stay in on a weekend and binge an entire season of an experimental docu-comedy series. Or an international spy thriller. Or a British teen sitcom. As long as it took your mind off being a woman in the U.S. in 2022, it was worth bingeing.

But the Jezebel staff is taking our television recommendations a step further: These aren’t merely the best shows we watched this year; they’re the best episodes of the best TV shows we watched this year. We’re two days into the laziest, bingeiest, most throwaway week of the year—which means you have more than enough time to get through at least two books, half of this list, and about 24 pounds of leftovers. Enjoy goes without saying.

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