The Daily Show Skewers Karl Rove for Attacking Hillary Clinton


Karl Rove is up to his old tricks again. The Republican strategist-cum-pundit recently accused Hillary Clinton of brain damage, then backpedaled. Thankfully, The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart was front and center to make fun of Rove and #brainghazi on Tuesday night.

Like the old smear campaign he used against former Texas Governor Ann Richards to get George W. Bush elected to her seat, Rove is a master at just saying things and hoping no one will research the facts he’s twisted. It’s actually kind of amazing because this tactic assumes we all believe what we see on TV with abandon and the sad part is some do. I’m sorry, I’m not crying for America, I just have something sarcastic in my eye.

Recently, Rove floated the rumor on Fox News that Clinton might had brain damage evidenced by a 30-day stay in the hospital and some wonky glasses she wore after her release that are specifically for “people with brain damage.” But Stewart was on hand to skewer Rove in his own special way: with facts.

The Daily Show
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